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Of Ear Fetishes and Tree Frogs

Thought we'd lost Stormy today - neither Mandy nor I had seen him for the last couple of days. So after spending hours worriedly wandering around calling out his name we decided to adopt the simpler solution and just bring all the food and water inside and wait for him to come to us. Sure enough, to our great relief at around 11pm we heard a frenzied miaowing at the back door and there he was. After eating far less food than he should have he wandered into our bedroom and started howling like crazy. This, we've discovered, is his way of ordering Mandy to come in at once and lie down on the bed so he can nibble and suck at her ears. Strange cat. He's done it once to me too, but he seems to prefer Mandy for some reason. Well, I suppose he is a boy, even if a castrated one.

My parents seem to be enjoying themselves staying in Aunt Lily and Uncle Bernard's apartment. My mother commented that Bermuda seemed a lot more foreign than she was expecting and the two things that had surprised her most were just how hot and humid it is, and how much noise the tree frogs make at night. I guess she's right, but now that I've been here for a while I barely notice either of them any more. They still haven't really spent any length of time with Mandy's parents, other than when they first arrived at the airport, but all that will change tomorrow when we'll probably have our first dinner with all six of us together. Should be fun. Gulp.

Posted some close-up pictures of the damaged Causeway to the Hurricane Fabian album. I've been amazed how many hits the Fabian pictures have been getting this week - an average of around 5,000 per day, with up to 17,000 in the middle of the week - and references to them have appeared on sites as prestigious as MSNBC news. Don't think I'll give up the day job just yet though!


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I have been very interested in your photos and narratives. I do so hope that you have a wonderful wedding and happy life together despite mother natures interference. We will be in St. George for 11 days starting Oct 6th. We will look out for you.

Most sincerely,

Robina Akin

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