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New Shadow Cabinet announced

Opposition leader Wayne Furbert has announced his new Shadow Cabinet.

The new lineup is as follows:

  • Education - Neville Darrell
  • Environment - Cole Simons
  • Finance - Patricia Gordon Pamplin (formerly held by Dr. Grant Gibbons)
  • Housing - Senator Kim Swan (formerly held by Wayne Furbert)
  • Health and Seniors - Louise Jackson
  • Labour, Home Affairs and Public Safety - Maxwell Burgess (formerly held by Michael Dunkley)
  • Race and Economic Opportunity - Jamahl Simmons (formerly held by David Dodwell)
  • Shadow Minister without Portfolio - Michael Dunkley (formerly held by Maxwell Burgess)
  • Tourism and Transport - David Dodwell (formerly held by Senator Kim Swan and Jamahl Simmons)
  • Women's Affairs & Child and Family Services - Suzanne Roberts-Holshouser
  • Works and Engineering and Sports - Jon Brunson (formerly held by Patricia Gordon-Pamplin)
  • Youth and Community and Cultural Affairs - Senator Gina Spence-Farmer (formerly held by Jon Brunson)
  • Telecommunications - Senator Bob Richards (formerly held by Trevor Moniz)
  • Attorney General - Trevor Moniz
  • House Leader and Whip - John Barritt

I was disappointed to hear of Grant Gibbons' decision to give up the Finance portfolio and step back from frontline politics, though under the circumstances I can understand it.

Taking Race and Economic Opportunity away from David Dodwell was a smart move. Mr. Dodwell demonstrated a disappointing lack of courage with that portfolio, and it's to be hoped that Jamahl Simmons will be bolder.

I was surprised to see Neville Darrell keep Education. He's had that brief for some time now and despite the Government's failure to reform the public school system and its troubles with Berkeley, he's been all but invisible.

Now let's see whether this leads to any new policy initiatives.


» Royal Gazette writes "Patricia Gordon-Pamplin is being hotly tipped to become the Opposition’s Finance spokesman as new leader Wayne Furbert’s reshuffles the United Bermuda Party team today...."

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I don't understand why Jon Brunson was given Sports and Works & Engineering. I would have thought Housing & Works & Engineering would have been more associated with each other.

I also wasn't impressed with Wayne Furbert's whole presentation and introduction of "Patricia Pamplin Gordon" as he called her, rather than her name of Patricia Gordon Pamplin.
He seemed very nervous and unsure of what he was saying and to me did not come across as confident.

Mrs. Gordon Pamplin always speaks fairly well. As Shadow Minister of Works & Engineering she always kept Col Burch and former Minister Devent on their toes. It will be interesting to see how she responds to Minister Cox's Budget in the next few weeks.

Many of the other Shadow Cabinet moves are not much surprise, as most of the Opposition have been silent. Neville Darrell, Kim Swan, Jamahl Simmons, Suzanne Holshouser have all been very silent Opposition MPs of late. It will be interesting to see if they are more vocal in the near future.

All in all, I think its obvious the UBP is trying to shake things up to gain some momentum. Only time will tell if this strategy works.

UBP needs to update their website. PLP needs to fix theirs.

Michael Dunkley is MWP? Uhhhh.

Such entertainment. I don't know what is more funny; the actual choices themselves or the fact that Grant Gibbons is clearly off sulking and the media's gentle treatment of this fact. By the way what exactly is a Shadow Minister Without Portfolio.....???

I agree, Rossini...

It is obvious that all is not well in the UBP camp with the fact that Grant Gibbons is not 'in the fold'. It makes me think that his goals were strictly personal and that he wanted to be Premier and Minister of Finance, and now that it seems that will not be the case, he has taken a step back. It will be interesting to see if he is even a candidate in the next election. After Pamela Gordon was ousted she chose not to run again.

I really don't see much rationale for most of the choices though.

The UBP is broke and Wayne Furbert cannot fix it. He could start by pronouncing the name of the Island correctly.....I am sick of hearing him say "Bermuder".


I agree again. That in particular annoyed me last night. Between getting the name of the country wrong, calling Patricia Gordon Pamplin the right names in the wrong order, and reading off the pieces of paper...it wasn't a good impression.

As a UBP supporter, i feel disappointed by their decisions. I can understand the re-shuffle on some angles, but I think UBP just sent the WRONG message out to the voting population. They claim to want to end the racial divide that exists and has been kept alive and healthy by the PLP's actions, yet what do they do, throw a token black guy in the lead and reduce the number of white people in the entire party.

There are now only 4 white people left on the UBP, while i am not suggesting there is anything WRONG with that, I AM however suggesting that their reasons for doing it are ENTIRELY wrong and easy to see through...

Please, someone, explain to me how those actions shows your desire to fix the racial divide? All it shows is that the UBP feels they cant win with a white man at the helm and too many white people on board period. It is a sad time in Bermuda's politics in my opinion to see this happen.

Much like those of you who vote PLP but dont want independance, and wont vote UBP... I too now feel stuck in just the same way.. PLP will never get my vote based on their actions and very wrong words at times (colonel burch is a prime example) and now, i'm not too sure the UBP represents what i want to see in a government either. I also wont vote for this fool Wassi either! Hmm all about sitting off and drinking during the next election I think!!! Any takers?

-Tired of Politics

I'll bet the PLP leadership are going to be laughing themselves to the bank right now. The UBP has presented them with a gift served on a silver platter with this move. I'm not a UBP supporter, but I recognise the need for an opposition party, and right now the UBP seems to be stumbling.

TOP & J Starling:

I agree. Man these guys need to spend more time at the poker table. Imagine if Gibbo & Furby had started spending time walking around the neighborhoods together and had really made an effort to meet and greet people. They could have really started to show the UBP was all about working together and taking the high road.

When are we going to get a party that is built on brains with understanding and vision and hearts with compassion and more than a little gumption? The UBP seem to want to have their book judged by it's cover. To have such a talented mind such as Grant Gibbons tossed on the scrap heap is ridiculous.

And Gibbo if you are reading this, if you really do care about Bermuda, then for goodness sake don't wander off into oblivion. Furby and the rest of Bermuda still need you. We need a strong and valid opposition with heart, soul and brains to boot.

Very good post Smoke,but the last sentence should read

"With brains to USE and ASSES to boot if they dont !!

Is there any chance that the black members in the UBP have made a powerplay? You've got to admit that the UBP needs them so much now, that they would have considerably more leverage than 10 years ago.

Hope pam pamplin dont run finance like she ran her own when the gaming machines were here. I see she got a mention in the RG on being a REGULAR in the back room ( the gaming room) at the shame of front street (also known as the beach)

Hey Rossini,

I hear Wayne has some great idea-ers for Bermuder.

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