Three Things You Can Do In Morton IL

Located in the central portion of the state of Illinois, there is a little village called Morton. It is a small area, one that you will pass through on the 74 if you are headed out of your to Bloomington. If you are there for business, there are many restaurants that you can eat out. There are also family-friendly forms of entertainment. Here are three of the top attractions that you will be able to experience if you are going to be spending time in Morton.

Northwood Park

Once you arrive, if you want to walk around, you can go to what is called Northwood Park. If you are into playing Frisbee, or if you just want to have a picnic, this is the perfect place to be. You will get to see large birds up in the wooded areas, and if you are traveling during the winter, you can experience excellence letting. It is a place that has many natural trails that you can hike on, and there is a playground for the kids so that you can have fun watching the many different bird species.

Morton Community Bikeway

Another place you can go if you have the time is the community bikeway. There is a trail that is paved, one that heads right out of town. You are going to find covered areas, parking spaces, and beautiful views of the river. It is a place that you can get back to nature.

Birchwood Park

One final stop is Birchwood Park. This is a little bit different from the other Park that was mentioned. It is one of many parks where you can see birds and ducks. They will be walking along, or they will be floating in the water way that has fish. These are fully stocked at certain times of the year in this beautiful pond. There is a snack stand that you can get access to in order to spend a little time munching. This recreational facility is perfect for people that want to stay out for the entire day.

Although this is a place that people visit because of the Pumpkin Festival, it does have these other places you can visit. Regardless of when you go, it is a cute little area that you may want to return to. It has a lot to offer, and you may end up having the time of your life in this tiny little area of Illinois called Morton.